Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Learning better!

School i think is dumb just like a lot of other kids. When i learn its has to be hands on or just something interesting like history. I think history is the easiest to learn. I need to be doing something sitting in a desk all day is pointless. Life is to short to sit and listen to lectures we need to do something, anything fun. Everyday don't need to be fun but just enough where we learn. Out of high school i want to have life lessons and skills i can use in the future.


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Just type in your favorite type of music and listen to all the best songs. It is completely free to listen to there music and it is very helpful with tons of music. This website allows you to listen to artist and songs. Music on your subject or in you subject is very useful. http://radio.songza.com/redirect .

Friday, February 12, 2010

Growing as a writer?

How have i grown as a writer? Well i have learned many new techniques to get the readers hooked and on edge. I can also bring out the sad side. I learned how to insert different types of people talking and many more stuff. So i have grown alot in my writing style, i actually like to write now.